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Pavement Management for Local Governments

Ask the Expert:Amnon Ravina, Geokom LTD

A data-driven approach to pavement maintenance creates long-term benefits for the traveling public.

In this Ask the Expert video, engineering expert Amnon Ravina shares best practices for making efficient use of public funds to keep a local road network in good repair.

Amnon Ravina

Owner & Manager, Geokom LTD

  • 30+ years as an engineering geologist
  • Expertise in pavement management & design
  • Advisor to the Quarried Materials Producers Organization in Israel

Some of the Questions Asked

Pavement Management Basics

  • What is pavement management?
  • Why is pavement management important for local governments?

Pavement Management & Local Governments

  • What are the key challenges local governments face when trying to modernize their pavement management practices?
  • How can local governments ensure good-quality pavement data?
  • What can a local agency do to make the best use of infrastructure funds?
  • What are the first steps an agency can take to start implementing more effective pavement management practices?

"Sometimes you feel like you're a pioneer in the field when you submit those new projects. But as long as you are presenting the right solutions, your clients will be very happy with the end results."

- Amnon Ravina, Owner & Manager, Geokom LTD

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