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Winning at Winter Maintenance with Montana DOT

Ask the Expert: Dr. Doug McBroom, Montana DOT

Real-time data analytics help keep roadways safe in severe weather.

In this Ask the Expert video, Dr. Doug McBroom from Montana Department of Transportation explains how his state uses analytics to know where, when, and how best to keep roadways clear of ice and snow.

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Some of the Questions Asked

Winter Maintenance in Montana

  • How does Montana’s road network pose special challenges?
  • What are your top challenges when it comes to winter maintenance?
  • How does Montana combat winter challenges?

Importance of Data

  • What types of data are the most important to collect to ensure effective winter maintenance?
  • What performance measures do you track?
  • How do analytics help improve winter maintenance activities?

Maintenance and Safety

  • How do maintenance and safety teams work together?
  • What advice would you give an agency looking to improve their processes?

Dr. Doug McBroom Headshot"On a statewide basis, I ask, What is this data telling me? It tells me two things. It gives me quality control and quality assurance. Once I understand the data, then I can make an informed decision about how to deal with situations the next time."

Dr. Doug McBroom
Maintenance Operations Manager, Montana DOT

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