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Infrastructure Maintenance for State & Local Governments

Ask the Expert: Britt McCurry, PE, Summit Design & Engineering

From school districts to statewide road networks, a preservation-based approach pays off.

In this Ask the Expert video, maintenance expert Britt McCurry, PE, shares how government agencies are taking proactive steps to make their transportation infrastructure safer, more cost-effective, and more sustainable.

Britt McCurry, PE

Program Manager, Maintenance Management Unit, Summit Design & Engineering

  • More than 15 years of experience in infrastructure management & maintenance
  • Former maintenance engineer at the North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Managed statewide pavement preservation contracts

Some of the Questions Asked

Modern Maintenance Management Practices

  • What challenges do agencies face in maintaining their infrastructure?
  • How do these challenges impact the effectiveness of infrastructure maintenance programs?
  • What is your recommended approach to infrastructure maintenance?

Preservation-Based Strategies

  • How does pavement preservation fit into an overall transportation infrastructure maintenance strategy?
  • What benefits are government agencies realizing when they adopt a proactive approach to preserving and maintaining their infrastructure?

Recommendations for the Future

  • How do you leverage evolving technologies to improve infrastructure maintenance?
  • What advice would you give to local governments who are just beginning to modernize their strategies?

"If you preserve your pavement, if you put money into maintenance and take care of your drainage issues before they become a major problem, . . . then you're not going to need as many high-cost roadway repairs as you would if you neglected these maintenance practices. A long-term preservation approach really makes a difference in extending the life of the assets."

- Britt McCurry, PE

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