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Bridge Management for Local Governments

Ask the Expert: Dave Juntunen, PE, Mott MacDonald

A strategic approach to preserving and renewing local bridges.

In this Ask the Expert video, bridge expert Dave Juntunen, PE, shares how cities, counties and MPOs are delivering safer, more sustainable bridge infrastructure in a cost-effective way.

Dave Juntunen, PE

Bridge Asset Management Lead, Mott MacDonald

  • More than 31 years of experience in infrastructure management
  • Former bridge engineer at the Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Develops & implements bridge management plans

Some of the Questions Asked

Modern Bridge Management Practices

  • Why is bridge management important for local agencies?
  • How is it different at the local vs. the state level?
  • What challenges do agencies face when modernizing their bridge management practices?

Improving the Local Infrastructure Network 

  • What should agencies be doing to ensure they make the best use of infrastructure funds?
  • How are cities, counties and MPOs succeeding at improving their bridge infrastructure?

Recommendations for the Future

  • How do you see bridge management practices evolving in the future?
  • What advice would you give to local governments?

"One of the most exciting developments in this field is the move to integrated infrastructure asset management. It's not just managing bridges in a vacuum. It's managing pavements, bridges, sidewalks, signs, culverts, stormwater structures, and many other asset types. Enterprise asset management is the future—coordinating our bridge management with our pavement and other infrastructure needs."

- Dave Juntunen, PE

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