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South Carolina DOT Selects AgileAssets to Provide Integrated Solution

Multi-module solution will improve planning and maintenance of the fourth-largest state-managed road network in the U.S.

Austin, TX – September 15, 2021 –  South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has selected AgileAssets to implement a fully integrated transportation asset management solution to help improve the safety and quality of the state’s road network. The new solution will support the agency in executing a holistic, preservation-based approach to maintaining more than 41,500 miles of roadways—the fourth-largest state-managed highway system in the United States.

“SCDOT demonstrated its commitment to the people of South Carolina by moving forward even during the COVID pandemic to evaluate options and select a solution that will bring the most benefits in terms of safer, longer-lasting roads and the highest return on taxpayer-funded infrastructure investments,” said Stuart Hudson, PE, Founder and CEO of AgileAssets. “Even while working remotely, SCDOT staff took on this monumental procurement project and followed through to see the year-long process to a successful conclusion.”

SCDOT made the strategic decision to implement a single-vendor, multi-module solution that provides a single platform to manage the agency’s full array of roadway assets—from pavements, fleet vehicles, and equipment to facilities, traffic signals, signs, intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies, right-of-way properties, bridge inventory, and more. The integrated AgileAssets solution will support the complete lifecycle management of all these assets and will facilitate coordination of projects across the majority of SCDOT business units responsible for asset management.

The solution includes the following AgileAssets products: Pavement Analyst™Maintenance Manager™Fleet & Equipment Manager™Facilities ManagerSignal and ITS Manager™Sign Manager, Right of Way Manager™, Structures Gateway™, LRS Gateway™, and Portfolio Analyst™. It will integrate with SCDOT’s linear referencing system (LRS) and Esri® ArcGIS products, providing seamless mapping and spatial analysis capabilities.

By providing a unified source of data, advanced analytics, and rich reporting functionality, the solution will help SCDOT make better-informed decisions for day-to-day maintenance activities as well as long-term planning. Using the Portfolio Analyst™ module, SCDOT will even be able to make strategic cross-asset trade-off decisions, identifying the best ways to allocate infrastructure funds to deliver the greatest benefits for the entire road network.

AgileAssets will deliver the enterprise solution in a cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment model, which includes all system hardware, software, security, maintenance, support, and frequent updates as part of an annual subscription. With the SaaS solution, SCDOT will have lower up-front procurement costs and will be able to get up and running on the new system faster, with less effort by its in-house IT staff. SaaS also provides higher cybersecurity and system performance than traditional software delivery models.

During the planned 5-year implementation—with working software delivered across four phases—AgileAssets’ long-time business partner, The Kercher Group, a Mott MacDonald company, will work alongside the SCDOT and AgileAssets project teams to provide the agency with engineering expertise and support in multiple areas.

“We are excited to embark on this long-term journey to advance SCDOT toward its transportation asset management goals,” said Greg Earp, Director of Sales at AgileAssets. “As U.S. states devote increasing attention to the need for infrastructure renewal, South Carolina will be well-positioned to deliver a more reliable, higher-performing road network for decades to come.”