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Indiana DOT Invests in AgileAssets Enterprise Maintenance Management System

Austin, Texas – AgileAssets Inc., a leading provider of enterprise asset management systems, announced today that a contract was signed with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to implement the AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager to enhance Indiana’s road network and associated assets.

INDOT joins a growing list of state agencies that want the benefits associated with cutting-edge technology and best-practices solutions at the enterprise level. The purpose of this contract is to satisfy the State’s need to update INDOT’s current Work Management System (WMS) and Roadway Asset Inventory Management Processes, while supporting INDOT’s strategic goal to, “…stimulate Indiana’s economic growth and competitiveness.”

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is dedicated to providing the safest transportation system possible for all motorists. Employees in INDOT’s central office, seven districts, 32 subdistricts and four Toll Road maintenance units work year-round to build, engineer, maintain, operate and finance more than 11,000 miles of pavement in the state system. In addition to these U.S. routes, interstates and state roads, INDOT also plays a part in maintaining and building Indiana’s air, rail, public transit and greenway systems.

INDOT is the most recent in a series of transportation and public works agencies to enlist AgileAssets® in incorporating their new or evolving business practices into the work management program. Advancements in technology and changes in agency performance evaluations led INDOT to seek a system with greater capabilities to accomplish their goals in resource allocation and asset management. The AgileAssets® system allows for improved efficiencies and productivity through its fiscal year planning and periodic scheduling capabilities; and through the monitoring and on-going analysis of the Agency’s resource consumption and performance. In addition, the AgileAssets® system enables INDOT to become more responsive to the needs of its communities through the use of online public work requests via e-mail or the internet.

AgileAssets will be re-investing proceeds from this project into the Indiana market through the use of Indiana-based contractors Briljent Inc. and Phelco Inc., who will assist in the implementation process, end-user training, and through the establishment of AgileAssets office in the Indianapolis metropolitan are.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with the Indiana Department of Transportation and to provide a positive economic impact to the state of Indiana,” Stuart W. Hudson, President and CEO of AgileAssets Inc., said. “The new office in Indiana will enable us to better serve INDOT and the other state and local transportation agencies throughout the region.”

About AgileAssets Inc.
AgileAssets Inc., originally founded in 1975, specializes in applied engineering through the development and implementation of advanced asset information systems. Their software optimizes maintenance and capital improvement budgets and extends the life of client assets through efficient management, maintenance, and deterioration forecasting. Its focus is providing assistance to government agencies and contractors that are responsible for the effective engineering and management of valuable assets.