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Speed Up Maintenance & Inspection Tasks Using Work Manager™ Mobile App

Gather more Accurate Data with the Work Manager™ Mobile App

Today, it feels like there’s an app for everything. With our fingers on a mobile device, we can order food, play games, take photos and even make our work lives easier. Apple® has even trademarked the catch phrase “There’s an app for that.” So it’s only natural that the transportation industry is also increasingly demanding mobile applications to make work processes simpler and more efficient.

With the release of the AgileAssets® Work Manager™ v7.4 mobile application, transportation field crews now have a better way to complete work tasks more quickly and gather data with more accuracy using a tablet with or without network connectivity. As a result, field workers can do away with the inefficiencies of pen and paper and reduce the number of steps needed to complete a maintenance task or asset inspection.

Streamline Field Crew Workflows

Some of the application’s latest enhancements can significantly streamline the field crew’s workflows. For example, using Work Manager’s visual displays can help field workers quickly access the information they need. With the new horizontal date picker on the Day Cards view, the field crew supervisor can visually scan the tablet screen for the green checkmarks to see whether day cards have been created for a given date. This sort of task is typically done at the end of the work shift when the risk of human error is much higher. By completing this task while in the field, supervisors can reduce errors and speed up the process of verifying the existing information. In addition, supervisors can now see their asset data sync much faster, thanks to a Smart Sync process.

A Copy Forward button now allows field crew supervisors to simply copy all Day Cards from one day to the next, reducing the number of clicks to complete a task. Similarly, a single Day Card can be duplicated to reduce the number of steps before the data is synced. Field crew supervisors can also view their available materials as part of the Material Day Card creation. This gives supervisors a sense of whether ample supplies are available or not for a given project.

Supervisors can quickly see whether Day Cards have been created for a specific date using the Work Manager mobile app’s Day Card view.

This is just the first in a wave of new features that will allow for better usability and speed of interaction with the Work Manager mobile solution. We will roll out several more enhancements during the coming months.

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