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Get to Know Your Cityworks Solutions

Cityworks AMS and Cityworks PLL are designed to support business workflows at every level of your organization and across multiple departments.

We also recognize that your field inspector doesn’t need the same tools your warehouse manager uses. That’s where Cityworks apps come in. Here’s an overview of the latest applications that support unique end-user experiences and defined workflows.

New! Admin

Admin is the new HTML5 app for configuring and customizing Cityworks AMS and PLL. The long-term vision for Admin is to streamline functionality currently available in Designer by allowing administrators to manage Cityworks in one location. In the first release, administrators can manage plugins, language files, access, and profiles from one page rather than navigating separate pages.

Cityworks Admin plugins available for configuration


This new app provides a single, easy-to-use interface for creating, editing, and managing projects. OpX aims for a comprehensive project approach by expanding cost breakdowns, linking assets, sharing projects across domains, taking advantage of rich text comments and attachments, and designating a spatial project silhouette. With its initial release, OpX lays the foundation for the operational experience to incorporate contracts and performance budgeting.

A silent GIF shows illustrates task navigation through Cityworks OpX

Operational Insights

Operational Insights enables organizations to assess and identify high-risk assets and analyze preventative and reactive maintenance strategy targets. In the latest version, asset curves allow you to view the impact of configured asset and maintenance strategies on the asset’s expected useful life with business risk implications. In addition to viewing the results directly in the app, you can also combine them with other financial data sources in ArcGIS Insights to comprehensively evaluate capital improvement needs.

A screenshot of Operational Insights shows asset details, a line graph, and a map

Pavement Management

Whether you’re patching potholes or rebuilding roads, maintaining pavement infrastructure is both costly and time-consuming. Pavement Management provides an easy-to-use communication link between Cityworks and pavement analysis tools like PAVER. By managing your pavement infrastructure in the geodatabase, Pavement Management allows you to track materials, costs, work history, and pavement analysis data in one central location.

Public Access

Public Access is the public portal to Cityworks PLL. It allows residents and contractors to apply for and track the progress of permits and licenses, start the application process, or finish an incomplete application. Once a case has been created, the user can add comments, update case information, request inspections, check the status of an application, and pay permit fees online.


Cityworks Respond delivers a persistent map experience and powerful dashboards with a modern look and feel—whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Respond gives you the power to manage assets and create work orders, as well as capture digital signatures for inspections and permitting tasks, right in the palm of your hand. The latest version of Respond supports asset barcode scanning and includes the ability to share and find queries.

A screenshot of a Respond dashboard includes a pie chart, a map, and bold numbers tallying the total number of work orders and other metrics


Our warehouse management application is designed to track materials and transactions in a secure environment. In combination with Cityworks AMS or as a standalone application, Storeroom can help organizations reduce material costs, improve inventory levels, and better inform budgetary needs. Storeroom supports barcode scanning and other methods of automated warehouse data collection. The latest release allows users to configure in-app dashboards with interactive data visualizations.

A screenshot of a Storeroom dashboard shows a list of material quantity, reorders, and the total number of items below minimum recommended quantity.


This application allows Cityworks administrators to customize other Cityworks apps. With the help of Style, Cityworks admins can modify what each group or end user sees so it pertains to their operational needs. The latest version allows you to share and copy user profiles, as well as change the color of field labels. Whether it’s moving a profile from test to production or importing a unique profile from another Cityworks client, this eliminates the need to create the same profile multiple times and is much more efficient.

Web Map Manager

Web Map Manager provides a way to add saved searches to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, including adding saved searches to web maps—all without leaving the Cityworks environment. You can also dynamically add saved enterprise URLs (eURLs) into a web map and order them interactively. You must be licensed for eURL to use Web Map Manager, and you must be logged in via Cityworks Single Sign-on. 

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For supervisors who manage field crews and inspectors, juggling employee schedules can be a daunting task. Workload gives supervisors a simple yet powerful interface for reviewing, assigning, and modifying work activities. The application includes a dynamic map interface and allows managers to interact with Cityworks PLL cases as well as Cityworks AMS work orders and inspections. Manage the work distribution by taking into account crew and employee current load, therefore providing operational awareness.


Although it’s not an application, Cityworks Analytics deserves its own special mention. Cityworks Analytics runs inside Esri’s ArcGIS Insights. We’ve built workbook templates for work orders, service requests, inspections, Storeroom, PLL, fleet, and performance duration. These templates allow ArcGIS Insights to digest your asset data and provide insight into current operations. New features in Analytics 4.0 include:

  • The ability to share workbooks through the ArcGIS application.
  • Updated workbooks with improved templates that have new pages, cards, and maps.
  • New workbooks available for performance duration, fleet, and PLL data. 

A screenshot of Esri's ArcGIS Insights displays maps, bubble graphs, and lists of key information pulled from Cityworks Analytics

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