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Increase Efficiency of Maintenance Operations With Work Manager™ Mobile Application

Intuitive Interface Makes Work Manager Easier To Use

No two field supervisors have the same project load, budget restrictions, or technological challenges. But one goal they all have in common is to complete daily tasks with more efficiency. To make fieldwork more efficient, maintenance crews need map-based location data, more accurate field data collection, and easier data sharing. Using mobile devices in the field can help boost efficiency.

With the latest release of the AgileAssets Work Manager mobile application, field supervisors across transportation maintenance divisions can achieve even higher increases in the efficiency of their daily operations. This release comes with a new, easier-to-use interface that makes each operation much more intuitive.

Use map-centric work orders to get easy visibility into asset types and names.
Use map-centric work orders to get easy visibility into asset types and names.

Do Away With Duplicate Tasks

Gathering all the necessary field data is challenging enough without having to reenter the same information into a base system back at the office. Work Manager was specifically designed to ease the pain of repeated daily tasks and keep field and office members up to date with the latest information.

Using a mobile device in the field, crew members can create work orders and assign daily tasks by entering day cards. A map in the app shows the locations of open work orders using icons that are color-coded by asset type. Supervisors can quickly see where their crews are working and what assets they are working on. At a glance, users can also see the names of all the assets being used for each work order.

These user-friendly features make it much easier for field workers to enter data to the right work order, eliminating data-entry errors and repeat trips to the field.

See asset types and locations quickly using color-coded map icons.
See asset types and locations quickly using color-coded map icons.

Share Data Across Teams

In addition to improving data accuracy, field supervisors can improve efficiency by sharing data quickly with the right teams. For example, when a single striping crew is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of roadways across multiple administrative units, users need to view the pavement assets across different units. These users can now choose to share a selected asset type across the administrative units of their choice. As a result, field workers can easily create work orders against these assets and across their designated areas.

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