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Leveraging an Asset Lifecycle Management Solution: Hidden Efficiencies and Long Awaited Results

Infrastructure is a long term investment and you need the right tools to manage them full term—from planning through construction, operation, maintenance and replacement. The current industry standard is a multitude of individual solutions that do not share the data needed for each subsequent phase to work optimally.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the connected workflows for Capital Programs and Asset Management from Trimble that are elevating the industry standards for…

  • Visibility of assets for accurate capital planning -Integrated project collaboration for inspections, work orders / permitting
  • Consistent up-to-date GIS with accurate / timely project data
  • Preventative asset maintenance - before commissioning
  • Seamless transition into the maintenance and operations phase

We’ll also hear from the City of Raleigh on success stories which until now, many did not know were possible.