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Pavement Management Services Joins AgileAssets Partner Program

Engineering consultancy supports road asset management in Australia.

Austin, Texas – November 9, 2021 – Pavement Management Services, a civil engineering consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia, has joined the AgileAssets global Partner Program. As an AgileAssets partner, the firm will help government and private organizations more effectively manage roads, bridges, airports, and ports as well as provide clients with expert pavement testing, design, and evaluation services.

An industry leader in pavement data analysis and asset management, Pavement Management Services has pioneered the use of advanced deterioration modeling techniques in Australia to optimize road maintenance planning over periods of 1, 5, 10, or 20 years.

The firm offers a uniquely designed pavement management system, PARMMS powered by AgileAssets®, that leverages AgileAssets’ signature optimization analysis and predictive modeling to help clients determine the best time and place to apply preventive treatments that keep the road network in good repair. This practice improves pavement safety and longevity while reducing repair costs in the long term.

“Based on four decades of experience in operations and field verification, combined with AgileAssets’ expertise in enterprise software solutions, we are now able to provide clients with a unique way of visualizing and understanding pavement performance data in a variety of ways,” said John Yeaman, Managing Director of Pavement Management Services.

Some of the features of the PARMMS powered by AgileAssets solution are the ability to display key performance measures on built-in dashboards, automatically generate interactive reports, and fine-tune pavement performance predictions based on varying levels of funding, roadway activity, staff availability, and other factors.

“Our partnership with AgileAssets allows us to provide a solution that incorporates road asset planning with daily maintenance and bridge management in one seamless package,” said Yeaman, referring to AgileAssets’ multi-module software platform, which supports the integrated management of all asset types using a single, web-based solution.

“With this one-stop approach,” added Yeaman, “we have the technology, skills, and data to monitor the road infrastructure condition, then design and execute asset management strategies that are cost-effective and efficient.”

Serving state and local government authorities, construction and maintenance companies, and other engineering firms since 1981, Pavement Management Services is well poised to extend its offerings to many more clients throughout Australia.

“We will drive the most well-informed road asset management strategies and the most innovative solutions across the continent while also expanding our capabilities for airport asset and maintenance management,” said Yeaman.

“We are very proud to welcome Pavement Management Services into the global AgileAssets Partner Program,” said Joe Garvey, Chief Growth Officer at AgileAssets. “With the addition of this highly respected Australian partner, the AgileAssets network now serves clients in more than 15 countries on six continents.”

About Pavement Management Services

Pavement Management Services is an Australia-based high technology civil engineering consultancy specializing in superior-quality pavement testing, design, evaluation, and management of roads, airports, and ports. PMS offers a range of road asset management solutions that can help in effectively monitoring the condition of road infrastructure. PMS has the equipment, skills, and experience to design and implement the most cost-effective solution.

About AgileAssets

AgileAssets is a leading global provider of SaaS and mobile solutions for transportation asset lifecycle management. From advanced analytics and strategic decision-making to day-to-day maintenance operations, AgileAssets solutions help cities, counties, states, and countries worldwide deliver safer, more reliable road networks and achieve the highest return on infrastructure investments.