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Cityworks and Esri Collaborate to Empower GIS-Centric Solutions for Public Asset Management

SANDY, UT, July 5, 2022—As a leading GIS-centric solution for public asset management, Cityworks leverages the power of Esri ArcGIS technology to create comprehensive computerized maintenance management solutions (CMMS) for municipal and local governments, and utility providers. Cityworks, an Esri Partner Network Platinum partner, is focused on helping communities modernize and improve their infrastructure management.

Becky Tamashasky, Vice President of Product Vision and Engineering at Cityworks, remarked that: “GIS is the authoritative system of record for public works and utilities, and Esri’s ArcGIS technology leads the industry. Partnering with Esri ensures we are able to provide accurate data and real-time spatial awareness to our customers with a suite of business process applications built on the premier geodatabase.”

Cityworks is a comprehensive asset management, permitting, and work management platform built exclusively on ArcGIS software. As a Trimble solution, Cityworks is able to help customers extend its unique capabilities for construction project management, pavement condition assessment, operations and maintenance, and real-time monitoring. Cityworks serves to provide complete asset management solutions, taking the project. From permitting, to the build phase, and hand-off to operations, Cityworks ensures a comprehensive view of every infrastructure project.

“Cityworks has always focused on providing our customers with the solutions they need with the flexibility and accuracy that are essential for effective public asset management. Esri has been an essential partner at every stage of Cityworks journey, and our collaboration with them shows exactly what is possible when technologies are integrated to create powerful solutions,” says George Mastakas, Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Growth Strategies at Cityworks.

As an Esri Platinum partner, Cityworks maximizes public sector customers’ leveraging of ArcGIS and location technology by empowering GIS to manage vertical and horizontal assets. Cityworks’ complete integration with ArcGIS enables powerful user experiences at any level in an organization including permitting, licensing, land use, warehousing, condition and risk assessment, and maintenance scheduling and history to help make communities more resilient, sustainable and safe.

To learn more about how Cityworks and Esri help communities modernize and take control of their public asset management go to You can also visit us at the Esri UC in San Diego on July 11-15, 2022.

About Cityworks

Cityworks, a Trimble Company, is a leading GIS-centric Esri® pure-play solution for public asset management and community development. Designed and built exclusively on Esri ArcGIS® technology, the Cityworks web GIS-centric™ platform combines the authoritative asset inventory in a geodatabase with business process applications for managing workflows, scheduling resources, and prioritizing activities. Cityworks and ArcGIS technology provide a seamless solution to visualize and analyze asset relationships to improve operational efficiencies. Since 1996, Cityworks has helped more than 700 organizations around the world maintain smart, safe, and resilient communities by streamlining the care of public infrastructure, permitting, and property.