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Autonomous Vehicles & Their Impact on the Infrastructure Network

Driverless vehicles may help improve transportation efficiency.

Today’s vehicles come with many types of driver-assist technology, but will the vehicles of the future be completely driverless? Steve Karamihas, PhD, from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, explores the current and future state of autonomous vehicles.

Gregg Freeby

Executive Director, American Segmental Bridge Institute

  • More than 40 years of experience innovating segmental bridge technology
  • Spent 32 years at the Texas DOT, where he served as the Director of the Bridge Division & State Bridge Engineer
  • Previously chaired the AASHTO Committee on Bridges & Structures Technical Committee T-10, Concrete Design

Some of the Questions Asked

Segmental Bridges

  • How are segmental bridges designed and built differently than traditional bridges?
  • How does the smoothness and rideability of segmental bridges compare with traditional bridges?
  • What are the minimum specifications needed to build a segmental bridge?

Cost-Benefits of Segmental Bridges

  • What is the cost of segmental bridges compared to traditional methods?
  • What is the long-term performance of segmental bridges?
  • What future innovations will improve segmental bridges?

"On larger projects, being able to pre-cast segments of a bridge helps reduce construction time. This, in turn, increases safety, saves time, reduces costs, and decreases the exposure to construction hazards for workers and the traveling public."

Gregg Freeby, Executive Director, American Segmental Bridge Institute

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