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Securing Infrastructure Funds for Local Governments

Ask the Expert: Amanda Whitaker, WithersRavenel

A well-designed infrastructure funding strategy is critical for public agencies to meet community needs.

In this Ask the Expert video, funding expert Amanda Whitaker explains the steps necessary to develop an infrastructure funding plan that maximizes the cost savings for the public.

Amanda Whitaker

Director of Funding Services, WithersRavenel

  • Oversees grant & loan applications for public funds
  • Writes & administers grants for federal, state & local agencies
  • Former Economic Development Director for Montgomery County, North Carolina

Some of the Questions Asked

Funding Strategies

  • How do you create a funding strategy for a project?
  • What are some of the pre-planning steps an agency should take?
  • How important is a timeline when applying for funding?

Applying for Grants

  • How can a community prepare for grant funding?
  • What steps can an agency take to make its grant application more competitive?

Project Selection

  • How does an agency select the best project?
  • How do communities determine the best way to pay for projects?
  • Why is it important to factor in inflation and materials cost increases?

"Having an infrastructure asset management plan in place is critical to securing the right funding. When you know which assets you have, where they are located, and their condition, you can accurately communicate your infrastructure needs to the funding organizations that can help you meet them.

- Amanda Whitaker

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