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I love developing cash flow projections… a statement never made, ever!

Monthly capital construction consolidation reports are due on Monday and I haven’t even started reviewing all of the project spreadsheets, too many construction reports and no fun accounting reports, or change logs.  Sorry Rusty, no dog park this weekend…
Sound painfully familiar? 
I’m like you, I love my weekends. I don’t want to go to work, I don’t want to think about work, and I definitely don’t want to spend two days off buried in spreadsheets. I want to relax, cook, eat some homemade guacamole, watch some sports, spend time with my family, and take Rusty to the dog park. These are my higher priorities. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence for those who have to manually consolidate spreadsheet reports and generate cash flow projections for a capital construction program.
But what if you could create project and program cash flow projections with a push of a button? Come again? Yes, construction project cash flow projections using e-Builder Enterprise project management software will give you your weekends back!
Using pre-defined industry standard cash flow curves and built-in templates tied to your project budgets and schedules, monthly cash flow reports can be generated on the last Friday of the month and emailed directly to the boss… who can then spend the weekend reviewing the cash flow projections you completed on time!
Let me know if you want the homemade guacamole recipe. Or, if you want to know more about generating monthly cash flow projections with a push of a button using e-Builder Enterprise.
Wait till Monday, though.