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Unmanned Aircrafts and Cityworks: A Match Made in Heaven

Columbia County’s Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Program prides itself on optimizing drone initiatives throughout the county while remaining above reproach. During initial meetings with program members, program management found that sUAS pilots needed a centralized flight log for county operations. Because Cityworks is already an integral part of departmental workflows, integrating sUAS operations was natural.

Through Cityworks, the county was able to create a system where reports, logs, and data could be filled out, organized, and stored with ease. This has allowed them to not only keep up with FAA compliance standards, but also to optimize their workflows, increase transparency, and keep track of all aspects of their departmental operations.

Lindsey Stokes, a GPS technician and pilot at Columbia County notes that, “with proper documentation you can mitigate potential problems.” The creation, storage, and organization of sUAS data has done just that. The county has been able streamline their service requests and work orders and keep a more detailed record of their equipment. This in turn has allowed the county to better serve their customers and community with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Organization and transparency of data is paramount to ensuring that workflows run smoothly and effectively. Find out how Cityworks can help you leverage your data to produce better results.