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3 Ways Cityworks is Helping Create Sustainable Communities

At Cityworks, we believe that well-maintained assets and infrastructure can help create sustainable communities and protect our environment. Here are some ways that our clients are using Cityworks and ArcGIS to ensure that their communities are sustainable, healthy, and environmentally efficient.

1. Seeing the Forest and the Trees in the City of Arborly Love

There may be no city in America that loves trees more than Philadelphia. More than 10 percent of Philadelphia’s land area—16 square miles—is home to the largest managed urban park system in the world. With more than 1.63 million park and street trees, Philadelphia’s living assets outnumber people.

Under the care of the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation (PP&R), the city’s trees thrive and grow not only in size but also in number. The city and its residents have planted more than 300,000 trees since 2010, when a corporate-sponsored program called Tree Philly set a goal of establishing a 30 percent urban tree canopy by 2025.

2. Using Cityworks + ArcGIS for Environmental Compliance

In the City of Escondido, California, the Environmental Compliance Department performs inspections at approximately 1,600 facilities at least once a year. Using Cityworks and ArcGIS, the department has been able to create a paperless process and streamline their workflow by using historical data and visual map tools while in the field. 

3. Configuring Cityworks Data for Water Loss Audits

Water loss audits are vital for any water utility. By applying a customized Cityworks solution, the City of Denton, Texas, was able to achieve more accurate reporting with improved calculations and better data.

The City of Denton’s water utilities department maintains 2 water production plants, 2 pump stations, 646 miles of main, 5,452 hydrants, and 41,459 meters. Despite the challenges of aging infrastructure, increasing regulatory requirements, and inadequate resources, the city strives to keep water safe and affordable.

Cityworks can assist your organization in creating a healthier, more sustainable community by streamlining the way you do public asset management. Learn more by scheduling a demo today.