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Trimble Vegetation Manager: Minimize Fire Risk and Service Disruptions

Vegetation Management is an essential part of ensuring that communities are safe and that vast areas of electric transmission and distribution infrastructure networks are protected. Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) is one of the largest recurring maintenance expenses for utilities—and for a good reason. Unmanaged vegetation can lead to a higher risk of wildfires, power outages, and pose safety risks to communities.

Trimble Vegetation Manager

Trimble Vegetation Manager (TVM) is a modular system,  that assists utilities with their utility vegetation management needs. It provides an end-to-end service that maximizes utility efficiency through connecting data and workflows, which in turn drives down operating expenses, eases regulatory burdens, improves safety, and ensures the reliability and performance of infrastructure by identifying and mitigating vegetation risk areas.

Encompassing the entire vegetation management work lifecycle, Trimble Vegetation Manager offers an innovative and comprehensive toolkit composed of three modules that helps utilities identify network hazards, create effective vegetation management programs and schedules, and execute UVM activities:

Trimble Vegetation Manager Modules:

  • LiDAR Analyzer
  • Program Optimizer
  • Operational Manager

LiDAR Analyzer

LiDAR Analyzer gives utilities the ability to remotely survey and inspect network areas for vegetation risks. This is done by generating a digital model that automatically calculates line clearances and pin-points potential vegetation fall-in and overstrike areas. Leveraging LiDAR-based geospatial data modeling can help utilities become more cost effective and save time by eliminating in-person vegetation inspections. Data collected by LiDAR analyzer is fully configurable and can be customized to meet local regulations and personal risk criteria.

LiDAR exampleProgram Optimizer

Program Optimizer does exactly what its name implies—it optimizes and interprets data collected from vegetation inspections and surveys, turning it into a proactive vegetation management program. This module cuts through large quantities of vegetation data and assists in the prioritization and creation of a management action plan that targets cost reduction and risk mitigation. This software also works hand-in-hand with Trimble Cityworks to streamline and enrich your vegetation cutting program.

Operational Manager exampleOperational Manager

The Operational Manager module offers users the ability to view, track, and update vegetation management operations in real-time. This creates a seamless and communicative process for field crews, contractors, and utility employees—ensuring that everyone has full visibility of real-time information in a single place. Operational Manager not only keeps everyone in the loop, but it also delivers metrics that help prioritize projects and increase cost efficiency. Vegetation programs can utilize audit records created by Operational Manager to monitor program effectiveness and compliance status of a network at all times.

Program Optimizer example