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3 Ways to Participate in Cityworks Training Courses is the training platform that houses all of Cityworks’ training material and resources. Whether you’re new to Cityworks or are an experienced administrator, the Learn.Trimble platform has something for everyone. Growing your team’s Cityworks competencies is made easy through these three varieties of trainings.

1. Webinar or Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings:

Access live web-hosted training courses and take advantage of the collaborative virtual classroom setting where you can learn from and connect with instructors and other attendees. These trainings cover a variety of topics, focusing on the most current releases of Cityworks. You will also be able to extend your learning by studying the PDF manuals that are provided for each virtual course.

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2. Classroom and Instructor-Led Trainings:

These are live and in-person trainings that allow you to connect personally with instructors and gain meaningful connections with other attendees. During in-person courses, participants receive an Amazon Machine Instance that is available for two weeks after training. This allows you to continue practicing and learning the content covered in your training course. Each attendee will also receive a printed manual full of training materials.

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3. Self-Guided eLearning

Self-guided training courses allow you to create a personalized learning plan from online courses that are pre-recorded and available on demand. eLearning courses are available for 90 days after initial registration and can be taken anytime and anywhere there is internet. These self-guided trainings are chock-full of engaging materials like software simulations, videos, games, informal and formal testing, and more. You can connect with other users through a comments panel, and course instructors can be engaged through email.

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Watch this Cityworks Converge presentation to learn more about the Learn.Trimble platform and the different types of training available.