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9 Pillars of Project Performance

Key Findings From an independent Capital Program Benchmark Study Conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics

Steve Jones, Senior Director of Industry Insights, Dodge Data & Analytics
Tony Sinisi, Director of Product Marketing, e-Builder, Inc.

Statistically, project managers of engineering and construction projects face difficult odds. Even before one shovel has broken ground and crews have mobilized on the jobsite, the majority of capital projects will finish late and over budget according to research conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics. However, top performing owners of capital programs do 9 essential things differently from others that not only even the odds, but lay a foundation for break-through performance.

What are these 9 things? How can you implement them in your organization? 
Attend this webinar to:
  • Understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) of top-performing capital projects
  • Learn the 9 Pillars of Top Performing capital programs
  • Hear ways to integrate any one of the 9 Pillars into your next project
  • Explore how Integrated Capital Program Management (ICPM) technology can support the 9 Pillars