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Risk: Construction's 4 Letter Word

The construction industry faces many challenges, however risk within your project is not only costly, but is highly visible to all stakeholders and our communities. In this on-demand webinar, Risk: Construction's 4 Letter Word, you will learn how to establish an actionable plan that helps you mitigate risk and plan for unforeseen events within your capital projects. 
Matt Bohan, Program Manager, demonstrates how to effectively manage these risks with the following:
  • Have all of your data and documents across projects stored in a centralized location with easy accessibility anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Define standardized workflows and processes to help accelerate and reduce errors in design reviews, submittals, quality assurance and payments. 
  • Just in time reporting and dashboards from budget, progress, and cost data to identify, analyze, and take corrective courses as needed. 
  • Have a historical projects database with schedule, budget, payment, RFI, and change order information to help you plan and prevent risk for similar future projects.

Watch this webinar now to avoid risk and manage unforeseen surprises effectively within your construction projects.