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Get Started: See Infrastructure Funding and Project Management in Action

Funding is beginning to flow from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and other federal resources. Great news right? Except, more project funding means you need to deliver more projects with the same amount of resources. In this webinar, e-Builder Professional Services experts will: Walk you through pre-configured packages and features Explore the benefits of an owner-centric solution How to get projects setup and started quickly —so you can start executing on the much needed projects for your community. 0:00 Infrastructure funding: What We Know 4:50 Doing more with less 10:15 Infrastructure funding: Project management tools 16:04 How do I budget for these project management tool? 17:25 Infrastructure Get Started Packages 18:47 Get Started Package 21:11 Live demo of e-Builder: Get Started Package 23:23 Dashboards Module 24:16 Projects Module 26:29 Processes Module 33:35 Documents Module 36:29 Calendar and Contacts Modules 39:29 Cost Module 41:11 Schedule Module 43:00 Reports Module 48:08 Get Started Plus (+) Package 49:46 Get Started DOT Package 50:50 Live demo: DOT Get Started Package 53:23 Expanding the Get Started Packages (Add-ons) 55:45 Questions