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Using QR Codes to Manage Asset Data

Global Water Resources, Inc. operates and manages water, wastewater, and recycled water utilities for communities around Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. They adopted the use of QR codes to help simplify workflows for field crews by giving them easy access to real-time asset data. The goal was to create an effective and organized way to view and update asset information based on site location.

To access asset data, field crews at Global Water Resources, Inc. use mobile devices and have the ability to scan QR codes once they arrive at worksites. Scanning a site-specific QR code prompts a landing page to open. This landing page gives field crews access to critical data such as as-builts, O&Ms, work orders, inspections, drone mapping, project progress, and much more.

Using QR codes has been a game changer. Here are some of the most notable benefits that Global Water Resources, Inc. has seen:

  • QR codes and landing pages allow field crews to quickly access real-time asset data.
  • The ability to view and update data in the field and from a mobile device has streamlined workflows.
  • QR codes reduce travel time when backlog tasks are completed during the same trip.
  • Inspection workflows are streamlined and accuracy of inspection data has increased.
  • The ability to access real-time data has eliminated communication silos, making office and field work more collaborative
  • Using QR codes has allowed for greater accuracy and organization of large amounts of asset data.

Watch Global Water Resources, Inc.’s Trimble Cityworks Converge presentation to find out more about their use of QR codes.