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Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks

Since its release in 2021, Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks has proven to be a critical integration for the water sector. This solution provides end-to-end services and optimizes asset management for water and wastewater utilities. The app, which is available on all major mobile devices, works together with Trimble Cityworks AMS and Trimble Cityworks Mobile Apps 10 to provide extended, value-added capabilities for water and wastewater workflows. 

Through an integration with E.H. Wachs on Windows devices, Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks streamlines valve exercising data collection. There is a streamlined process for capturing labor and equipment on inspections for cost tracking in Trimble Cityworks AMS. And the mobile app supports conditional questions while capturing observations in the field, streamlining the data collection process. 

In addition, the high-accuracy GIS data collection that Trimble Cityworks users expect as an Esri ArcGIS pure-play platform is brought to Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks when integrated with Trimble GNSS receivers, ensuring users that their GIS data is kept up-to-date and accurate across platforms. 

Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks can be extended with Trimble Cityworks IoT to capabilities to support your organizations System of Action™. This includes workflows for installing and managing Trimble Telog IoT devices in the field and visualizations of system performance and trends reported by Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring for Cityworks.  

And now, with Trimble Unity Mobile 5.4 for Cityworks, new features are available for users to allows users to take advantage of further functionalities. 

Create Inspections from Asset Selections

Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks asset selection tool screenshot featuring a utility map and a popup box with inspection type selections

Save time by creating inspections from asset map selections in a single workflow. While this was previously limited to a single inspection and asset selection at a time, you can now select multiple valves from the map, tap on “Create”, choose the inspection template, and Trimble Unity Mobile will automatically create an inspection for each of the selected assets. You can then edit and complete each of the inspections. 

Simplified User Experience When Editing Instructions

Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks screenshot showing the simplified user experience with a sidebar menu to enable shortcuts

Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks 5.4 improves field data collection efficiency by reducing the number of clicks to get to the inspection observations section. The observations configured on the inspection template are now visible directly on the inspection details screen. Field users can quickly edit the inspection, fill out the observations, take photos, and complete the labor and equipment cost details from tabs on a single screen.

Create Inspections Without Assets

Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks screenshot showing inspection creations when an asset can't be located with a popup window displaying inspection types

If you cannot locate the asset you want to inspect in the GIS, it’s no longer an issue. You can now create an inspection without an asset associated with it. By completing the observation and inspection details, and even taking a GPS position of the inspection location, you enable GIS and Office users to use the inspection details and location information to add the missing asset in the GIS and associate it with the inspection before closing the inspection record.