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The Case for Digitally Transforming Your Organization

Today, owner organizations, design firms and construction companies are considering the path forward—how to digitize their operations, design collaboration and break down data silos to give everyone access to the information they need, driving improved efficiency and better project outcomes.

Making the Case WATCH THIS CLIP FROM ELEVATE 2021Statistics illustrate the need for better efficiency and collaboration: a McKinsey analysis of the global projects database indicates that large projects across asset classes typically take about 20 percent longer than scheduled to finish—and come out up to 80 percent over budget. Other data from an aggregate of sources, including the U.S. Bureau of Economic Affairs and Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that construction productivity has actually declined in some markets since the 1990s.

Trimble’s goal is to bridge the gaps between design, construction, operations, and maintenance with a connected construction platform.

“By leveraging a connected construction platform, public agencies will adopt and implement advanced digital construction management systems to maximize productivity, create jobs, reduce waste, drive out inefficiency, and deliver their projects with confidence,” says Matt Sprague, senior product marketing manager for Trimble PPM. “Owners will be able to scale their organizations effectively to meet increasing demands.”

Imagining the Ideal Solution

With such far-reaching goals, an ideal solution needs to encompass the design, build, and operate phases of a project’s life cycle. “We need to establish a common data environment so that previously siloed data and point solutions are able to move freely and be accessed for analysis in all parts of the project lifecycle,” Sprague says. 

The solution must also enable collaboration from the field. “They need to be able to access models in the field and connect the surveying and scanning equipment they use.” Gathering all these data sources into one solution is key to creating a smarter, more reliable model and accurate digital as-builts.

A Path to Success

Trimble is developing a path to reach these challenging goals by combining three solutions—Quadri, e-Builder, and Cityworks. A digital design collaboration solution, Quadri is a civil BIM server that connects geometry and location, helping to merge data from different software platforms and enable collaboration across engineering disciplines and teams.

Cityworks is a GIS-centric enterprise asset management system that allows municipalities to manage, track, analyze and score their infrastructure assets. Integrated with e-Builder’s owner-centric, cloud-based construction software, the three-tiered solution can bring together data from engineering firms, contractors, and asset owners, creating a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

“This is a great opportunity to bring together these disparate groups within organizations—from designers to planners to engineers and contractors—and give them the information they need in a warehouse they can all access,” says Becky Tamashasky, executive vice president of vision and product engineering at Cityworks. “That better informs what they do in their individual jobs every day.”

Chief Transformation Officer Skills

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