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Taking Satellite Leak Detection to the Next Level with Cityworks AMS

Cityworks AMS is streamlining leak detection workflows and saving time for Green Bay Water Utility. Cityworks AMS and satellite leak detection technology work hand-in-hand to provide accurate results, organize maintenance work orders, and help save time and money.

In 2018 Green Bay Utility completely revamped the way they performed leak detections and maintenance. They replaced the arduous and time-consuming process of on-site inspections with a satellite leak detection system. This new leak detection process greatly improved their overall efficiency and accuracy—creating a way to identify points-of-interest (POIs) where possible leaks might exist.

Cityworks AMS has enhanced this process by providing Green Bay Utility with a means to organize their POI data and ensure that POIs are taken care of. This database of information creates a GIS-centric system of record where POI work orders are created and new insights are organized. Because Cityworks uses the geodatabase as the authoritative asset repository, they can track, analyze, and record data and metrics without syncing or writing to a separate asset table.

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“It’s better to find a small leak and fix it than to have a whole water main break,” says Brian Powell, the Operations Manager at Green Bay Utility. That is exactly what Cityworks AMS has done. The ability to track the number of ongoing POIs, active leak areas, completed POI inspections, etc. helps Green Bay Utility respond quicker and paints a more accurate picture of what is going on.

See how Cityworks AMS can help provide GIS-centric insights and assist with asset management workflows.