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Regional User Group - South Florida

I was privileged to attend the South Florida Regional User Group last week. It’s always “magical” when customers get together and openly share their challenges, successes, and vision.  


We are all so busy in our own environment. It is hard to set aside time to travel to a meeting – let alone “justify,” in advance, why we should commit to such an activity given business constraints and time pressures. We don’t always know what to expect when we arrive, we may not be skilled at networking, but we hope to glean information from other organizations that have the courage to show up. So, I applaud individuals that make every effort to try to connect with peers. These learning and development opportunities provide one another other with moments of clarity and help accelerate change.


Specifically, at the South Florida Regional User group I witnessed:

  • Moments of clarity and transcendence
  • Alignment to purpose (e.g. customer satisfaction)
  • Recognition of common obstacles and what can be done to solve
  • Visionary thinking like "let’s band together and take the solution to the state"
  • The power and influence of the South Florida e-Builder Crowd (roadmap and user experience input)  


For example, four government agencies in the same region working independently had a moment of clarity when one of the agencies re-stated they have solved an issue in working with a Health Agency. In fact, this process could be “gifted” to the other parties in the room who were also working with the same agency. So, instead of 4 different processes' hooked into the same agency, why couldn’t they align and adopt the solution created by the lead agency? Imagine going back to your office with an example solution that is potentially plug-and-play in your environment – assuming you have the propensity to drive change in your environment. But, that’s the magical part. You leave these meetings with concrete examples of what’s working as well as a set of wings to fly. More importantly, one agency volunteered to present to the others respective City/County Commissions.  


That’s the even more magical part! You can call upon the power of the visionary e-Builder crowd to push and pull change across cities, counties, and regions. You can leverage wisdom and replicate what’s working.


This is not a one-off experience. I’ve seen this connection at several Regional User Groups and have always walked away impressed by the level of maturity and transparency among e-Builder Customers. They are acting locally, feel responsible for being good shepherds in the industry, and openly collaborate with other agencies and companies.


I urge you to attend a Regional User Group in the future – and actively participate. Share your thoughts here.


By Amy Tupler, Product Marketing Manager at e-Builder INC