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Property Stabilization and Public Engagement through Trimble Cityworks PLL

The City of St. Louis, Missouri, is using Trimble Cityworks PLL to streamline the way they track property stabilization and public requests for rehabilitation. The implementation of Trimble Cityworks PLL and other APIs has allowed the city to track, organize, schedule, and approve permitting with ease across various departments.

Property stabilization can be a difficult task, especially when your city has a declining population and a lot of vacant properties. This is exactly the situation that the City of St. Louis faces, where much of the abandoned buildings and property are owned by the city land bank and are in dire condition. In an effort to maintain the health and well-being of the city, St. Louis has implemented a system where the public can nominate a vacant property to be rehabilitated.

To streamline the submission and tracking of these nominations, the City of St. Louis built a public web portal that connects to Trimble Cityworks PLL. All of the submitted cases must be inspected and vetted for eligibility, which requires a vast amount of cross-departmental communication and record-keeping. Trimble Cityworks PLL streamlines this process by making data and inspection status easily accessible and transparent across departments. This system of record keeps both residents and city employees in the loop and fosters efficient workflows.