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Overcome Common Construction Management Issues with an Owner-Centric Solution

The Ultimate Construction Guide CollectionAs an owner of a construction programs, you may be managing numerous construction vendors, disparate project requirements, stakeholder scrutiny and very tight budgets — often for multiple projects at the same time. The right construction management solution can help you easily manage every aspect of your construction portfolio, ensuring that every detail is addressed, and all of your projects come in on time and on budget.


Digital Transformation

e-Builder Enterprise is a fully integrated, cloud-based software as a service or SaaS solution that manages the entire lifecycle of your construction projects. Designed specifically for owners, it allows you to oversee multiple projects efficiently and effectively — from planning and design through procurement, construction and operations. e-Builder Enterprise provides the consistency and visibility you need to ensure that your projects are successful every time and your stakeholders are always satisfied.

Don’t let these common obstacles get in your way

While each of the industries we serve has unique, industry-specific requirements for construction management, the majority of the issues owners face are shared across industries. These common issues can lead to cost overruns, project delays, regulatory noncompliance and unhappy stakeholders. e-Builder Enterprise helps you avoid these outcomes by solving the following six common challenges:


Document management based on manual, paper-based processes and siloed practices can lead to lost or inaccurate documentation and disconnected work practices. With so many stakeholders involved in your construction projects, your success relies on strong communication and collaboration supported by accurate information. A centralized document management system makes it easy to find and share the most current documents, greatly reducing the risk of delays and the cost of rework.

The robust digital document management system in e-Builder Enterprise:

  • Ensures that every stakeholder has the information they need to keep projects running smoothly
  • Protects assets and ensure legal compliance.
  • Provides a single source of truth that enables access for any authorized user from anywhere, helping you reduce risk
  • Ensures flawless project execution
  • Maintains a complete digital “paper trail” for compliance and auditing

e-Builder The Ultimate Guide to Construction Document Management

Get the details in our ultimate guide to construction document management

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Construction costs can account for more than two-thirds of your capital improvement budget — and those budgets can be very tight. Cost overruns can easily delay critical projects or bring them to a halt altogether. In an industry that’s prone to changes and contingencies that can quickly escalate costs, keeping them under control is crucial.

Take command of cost management with a digital platform that puts you in control with an end-to-end cost management process. e-Builder Enterprise provides:

  • Accurate forecasting based on real-time data so you can anticipate changes and plan for them proactively
  • Automated, data-driven cost management system gives you the visibility and control you need to anticipate and mitigate cost-related risks while providing critical financial insights to drive your present and future decision-making
  • Updates data across your projects and programs daily, giving you better control across your entire construction portfolio

e-Builder The Ultimate Guide-to-Construction Cost Management

Learn the three keys to successful construction cost management

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In the complex construction environment, where myriad interdependent tasks require quick approval to keep everything moving, one missed approval can stop a project in its tracks. That can be very costly in terms of delays and dollars lost, as well as potential fines and lost incentives. When workflow processes are paper-based, the likelihood of a missed or delayed approval increases exponentially.

Reduce risks with real-time visibility into approval workflows. e-Builder Enterprise:

  • Creates standardized approval processes with integrated features such as automated approval workflows
  • Built-in verification tools and electronic signatures so you can reduce the risk of a missed approval, shorten the approval cycle time
  • Increases visibility so you can get on with the important work of bringing your construction projects to life.

e-Builder The Ultimate Guide to Construction Workflow

Discover four strategies for gaining control of construction approval workflows

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With so many moving parts across multiple projects, managed by numerous individual contractors or project managers, it’s not surprising that schedules slip. Those slips can have a devastating ripple effect — disrupting deadlines, adding costs, frustrating stakeholders, and damaging your organization’s reputation. All too often, the heart of the problem is the lack of a single, integrated scheduling system across projects, a problem that is exacerbated by using manual processes and spreadsheets.

Gain visibility and control over schedules across construction projects. e-Builder Enterprise features:

  • A fully integrated, automated, cloud-based scheduling system that integrates project management and scheduling
  • Links scheduling with internal systems such as finance and lets you import data from other solutions, giving you an owner-centric scheduling too for managing milestones
  • Full transparency and visibility for better planning and decision-making across projects.

e-Builder The Ultimate Guide to Construction Schedules

Find out how e-Builder Enterprise increases visibility and control over construction schedules

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Your ability to make good decisions is only as good as the information on which those decisions are based. Inaccurate reports or reports based on out-of-date data can seriously affect funding, project completion time and even the quality of your project. Outdated or conflicting data and delayed delivery are all symptoms of a disconnected and ineffective reporting process.

Get construction management software that lets you generate automated and on-demand reporting with real-time data to support every aspect of your projects. e-Builder Enterprise:

  • Integrates and automates your reporting process to enable transparent, real-time data delivery and analysis
  • Reports for cost and budgets, RFIs and submittals, and schedule tracking are all at your fingertips
  • Empowers you and your stakeholders to make the best decisions possible so you can move your projects forward to successful completion.

e-Builder The Ultimate Guide-to-Construction Reports for Owners

Find out how e-Builder Enterprise increases visibility and control over construction schedules

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Construction projects have a reputation for waste, inefficiency and blown budgets. Process inefficiency affects every aspect of the construction management ecosystem — from document management to cost tracking, approvals, scheduling and reporting. Inefficient, manual processes in one or more of these areas can have a cumulative effect that causes all processes, and the entire project, to suffer.

Upgrade your construction projects with end-to-end processes that support the entire construction life cycle. e-Builder Enterprise features:

  • The Ability to drive efficient workflow processes across your capital improvement construction projects
  • Configurable workflow management capabilities that touch every aspect of your projects
  • Integrated, efficient processes that give you and your stakeholders the confidence that projects will be completed to expectations

e-Builder The Ultimate Guide to Construction Process Improvement

Explore our owner’s guide to process management throughout the construction lifecycle

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e-Builder Enterprise is Built to Help Owners Succeed

As an integrated, module-based solution designed specifically for owners, e-Builder Enterprise offers unique capabilities that eliminate silos of data, streamline workflows, and enhance communication and collaboration so that you can keep your projects on track.

e-Builder Enterprise gives you greater control over project execution with features such as:

  • A sophisticated digital document management system
  • An automated, data-driven cost management system
  • A digital approval process with automated workflows, built-in verification tools and electronic signatures
  • A fully integrated, automated, cloud-based scheduling system
  • Automated on-demand reports
  • Configurable workflow management capabilities
  • Dashboards and forecasts that help ensure that up-to-date information is easily accessible whenever you need it
  • Configurable forms that align with your specific requirements.
  • Flexible and mobile interfaces so that you can manage your projects from anywhere.

Let us be your trusted partner

At e-Builder, we are experts in the construction industry. We’ve provided construction management solutions across industries for more than 25 years and completed thousands of projects totaling more than $1 trillion in capital investment. This expertise gives us unique insights into your world, and we designed e-Builder Enterprise specifically for owners. We are committed to helping you eliminate difficulties while ensuring that your organization’s specific needs are met. We understand your projects. Let us be your trusted partner.