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Maintenance Mobile App Advances LaDOTD Field Work

Despite the prominence of mobile devices in most areas of our lives, many transportation agencies have been slow to adopt mobile apps. Not the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD). The agency has recently taken a big step to advance the flexibility and efficiency of its field crews with new mobile workflows for its maintenance management system.

LaDOTD recently rolled out an enhanced version of the AgileAssets® Work Manager™ mobile app, which extends the functionality of AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ (v7.2 or later) to tablets, smartphones, and touch laptops.

Good-Bye to Old Handhelds

LaDOTD was using handheld devices with limited functionalities to capture field work. For example, to upload work status, the system required manual operations, including physically connecting devices to docking stations for data syncs. Those processes were cumbersome, data was often lost or inaccurate, and the devices were slowing down task completion.

One Small Tap on the Smartphone—One Giant Leap for Efficiency

By going mobile with the Work Manager, LaDOTD has added great value and a host of new capabilities to its maintenance operations—like being able to manage all aspects of work orders in the field, including visualizing mapped locations, assigning labor and equipment, checking the status of assets and materials, and reviewing daily accomplishments.

Working in online or offline modes, LaDOTD crews use the app’s map-centric interface to collect data faster and more accurately—all while avoiding redundant data-entry tasks. With faster data-sharing through mobile syncing, crews have continual access to updated data.

This improves the quality of information they provide for decision-making and compliance reporting. By automating routine tasks, field workers can apply their skills to higher-order aspects of their workflows, delivering more value to the agency and to the public.

LaDOTD Leads with Early Adoption and Collaborative Input

LaDOTD is the first agency to go live with Work Manager v7.3 after participating in a beta program, where they provided crucial feedback to the AgileAssets development team prior to the app’s final release. LaDOTD’s input helped improve the app’s speed, accuracy, and efficiency,  and was critical to helping AgileAssets design a better user experience.

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