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Illinois DOT Integrates Maintenance and Fleet Management Systems

The Illinois Department of Transportation has replaced its legacy maintenance and fleet management systems with a fully integrated system.

Like the 1989 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo, which came equipped with a touchscreen to manage the car radio, AC, and engine diagnostics, the maintenance management system that Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) developed in-house in the late 1980s was ahead of its time. Thirty years later, not so much. The sluggish in-house system was holding the agency back with its limited interfacing and reporting capabilities—not to mention the numerous spreadsheets and manual paperwork required for job completion.

State-of-the-Art Support for Complex Workflows

So IDOT once again made a bold innovation by replacing its outworn system with a specially configured and fully integrated version of AgileAssets maintenance and fleet management systems (Maintenance Manager™ and Fleet & Equipment Manager™). The software now forms what IDOT calls its Asset Management Program (AMP), a state-of-the-art system that not only helps manage roadway and fleet assets but also supports IDOT’s unique business processes. For example, in addition to a financial operations feature that helps IDOT manage the balance of accounts, the system provides a new contracts and materials management feature that helps manage snow and ice removal.

IDOT is also using the system to revolutionize its labor-management workflows. At IDOT’s request, the AgileAssets team delivered a highly customized module to help IDOT manage its complex and ever-changing labor and labor union contracts and pay rate calculations. This labor-management component also interfaces with IDOT’s existing pavement and structures management systems, providing groundbreaking new ways to streamline IDOT’s operations management for these assets.

New System, New Business Benefits

IDOT is now able to reap the benefits of its new technology to drive better business outcomes. Since the new system is AgileAssets-hosted, with a 100% zero-footprint, browser-based user interface, IDOT saves money by not needing to invest in additional IT infrastructure and personnel. Plus, using the unlimited and on-demand reporting capabilities of the AgileAssets system, IDOT can now generate robust maintenance and labor records while fulfilling detailed sets of compliance requirements. In addition, having a solution that interfaces with third-party systems helps IDOT plan future integrations, such as linking to fueling and AVL systems.

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