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How the City of Pflugerville Implemented Trimble Cityworks in 10 Weeks

The City of Pflugerville, Texas, serves a population of over 75,000 residents. The municipal officials help keep the city running by addressing anything from emergencies and power outages to wastewater back-ups and street and plant maintenance.

Without an existing asset management system (AMS) in place, the city was forced to manage assets and track work activity manually. Those paper processes were inefficient, a pain for team members, and often increased the likelihood of making errors and mistakes.

Pflugerville decided that it was time to implement Trimble Cityworks AMS to streamline the management of their public assets (namely, wastewater plants, parks, and streets) and they needed to do it quickly. They had a high volume of critical jobs that needed to be promptly addressed, and they couldn’t afford to dedicate months solely to adopting this new solution.

The City of Pflugerville worked with Axim Geospatial, to pull off a speedy digital transformation by fully implementing Trimble Cityworks AMS in a little over two months. Trimble Cityworks has empowered the City of Pflugerville to save time and money and eliminate headaches—and team members have peace of mind knowing their system will grow with them as their community expands.

The City of Pflugerville and Axim Geospatial shared six steps that can help migrate from a paper-based asset management system to a digital asset management system in such a short period of time.

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