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Trimble Cityworks for Client Management

Mike Stone Associates—a project management consulting firm—is utilizing Trimble Cityworks, Esri ArcGIS, and a Nearmap integration to help them maintain public assets and organize data in the greater Houston, Texas, area.

Most project management firms can attest that you often have an overload of work orders and data. It can be difficult to juggle public asset data, client information, and contractor operations, while simultaneously managing your own organization. Trimble Cityworks and ArcGIS assist Mike Stone Associates in serving their clients and community by helping them organize, manage, and maintain their work orders, contractors, financials, and much more.

Mike Stone Associates has implemented Trimble Cityworks AMS to create and manage work orders and track recurring and preventative maintenance work. They often have multiple public works projects and clients that they are tasked with managing, and Trimble Cityworks helps them create a digital archive where all this information can live and be shared with transparency. They often use Trimble Cityworks AMS and ArcGIS to assign work orders to contractors and have created a system for doing this. Using Trimble Cityworks and ArcGIS as a geodatabase, they organize work orders by asset (ex. fire hydrants, light fixtures, etc.) or by location (ex. using a station marker to pinpoint the exact location of a pothole).

Sign permitting and ROW permits were originally logged on an Excel spreadsheet, now these workflows are managed through Trimble Cityworks PLL and Public Access which has enhanced the effectiveness of Mike Stone Associates by eliminating the amount of steps within the permitting process.

They have also been able to visually track and inspect the erosion of the Brazos River under the Stavinoha Bridge in Fort Bend County, Texas. Since 2014 the bank of the river has eroded over 150 feet and has threatened to cause structural damage to the bridge. A Nearmap integration with Trimble Cityworks and ArcGIS allows them to create a system of record, where they can document the erosion that has taken place. They do this by examining high-quality and frequently updated aerial imagery of the Brazos River that is provided by Nearmap. The implementation of this integration helps Mike Stone Associates assess the integrity of the bridge and ensures the safety of the community that uses the bridge.