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Cityworks + Esri = Response & Resilience

Whether it is a natural disaster or a pandemic, utilities and local governments have the ability to plan for and respond to emergencies more effectively and efficiently by using GIS intelligence.

Trimble Cityworks and Esri provide a handful of solutions that allow communities to streamline their emergency preparation and response so that they can ensure the safety of their communities and foster future resilience.

This Innovate conference presentation highlights various Trimble Cityworks and Esri products that promote rapid emergency response and streamlined workflows. The video explores how tools such as Trimble Cityworks Analytics, Trimble Cityworks Respond, Trimble Cityworks PLL, Trimble Cityworks Storeroom, Esri Solution, Esri ArcGIS Hub, and more can help you with a wide range of activities, including managing natural disaster inspections, keeping tabs on equipment, labor, and material (ELM) costs, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), tracking donations, and more.