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Cityworks and e-Builder for Complete Project Visibility

Connecting the entire design, build, and operate lifecycle of infrastructure projects is critical to maximizing efficiencies within funding parameters. Delivering construction projects on-time and on budget is key, but when every project relies on a multitude of different software to see it through its lifecycle, managing the project becomes complex and difficult. 

Trimble e-Builder provides public asset owners and contractors with the SaaS solutions needed to facilitate comprehensive project management at every stage of the project lifecycle. By facilitating complete visibility in one cloud-based solution that encompasses every stage of infrastructure projects, Trimble e-Builder provides the tools to manage the complexities of communication between owners, specialty contractors, and the myriad departments involved in planning, permitting, ordering, and maintaining infrastructure. It unites the design, build, and operate phases under one umbrella, ensuring clarity for all stakeholders, fewer risks at every stage of project life, and better financial predictions for the user. 

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Cityworks accompanies the infrastructure planning and maintenance lifecycle from permitting through construction to maintenance and repair by streamlining the communication between stakeholders. Cityworks PLL handles the permitting, licensing, and land use issues that mark the beginning of the build phase, while Cityworks AMS ensures comprehensive asset management. To accomplish this, the Cityworks platform integrates with e-Builder on the, tying the permitting and licensing aspects needed to get a build off the ground to the construction project and then ensuring a complete picture of the assets involved are logged, including their location, using ArcGIS technology. 

Cityworks offers a complete range of software solutions to help you manage your infrastructure projects, including Cityworks AMS, PLL, OpX, Operational Insights, Workload, Pavement Management, Storeroom, and Cityworks Mobile Apps. With project oversight and ArcGIS technology leveraged to ensure each project is tied to its geographic location with pinpoint accuracy, Cityworks takes the guesswork out of permitting, licensing, and asset and warehouse management. 

Trimble E-Builder provides users with a suite of software solutions designed to carry your construction project through the entire build phase. From pre-construction planning to project management and financial solutions, Trimble e-Builder gives users the ability to visualize each step as you take an infrastructure project from blueprint to built.

Plan for New Projects with the Insights of Trimble Cityworks Permitting, Licensing, and Land (PLL)

With Trimble Cityworks PLL, you put the power of permitting and licensing into a framework that helps you plan your infrastructure needs with an eye to the future. Permitting requests can happen months to years in advance of a major project. By utilizing the power of Trimble Cityworks PLL, you can begin to integrate those plans into the overall picture of your municipality from their inception and plan your infrastructure needs accordingly. 

The city of St. Louis currently uses Trimble Cityworks PLL to strengthen and revitalize its community. With a system in place for residents to request revitalization projects related to derelict and abandoned buildings in their communities, Trimble Cityworks PLL allows St. Louis to link resident requests to previously submitted requests to avoid duplicated efforts and facilitates the cross-departmental cooperation necessary to inspect each site and develop revitalization plans in coordination with various stakeholder groups.

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During the build phase of the project, Trimble Cityworks AMS ensures assets are tracked and logged, enabling a comprehensive overview to be created for the operating phase. With 80% of project cost occurring after the build phase is complete, managing assets throughout the project lifecycle facilitates the effective capital management that is crucial to infrastructure projects. The computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that Trimble Cityworks provides ensures easy tracking of assets from their installation to the end of their lifecycle, allowing you to manage budgets and efficiently monitor maintenance and replacement costs. 

With the Asset Management Software (AMS) of Trimble Cityworks, you can manage project costs at every stage of its lifecycle, from initial installation to maintenance activity to critical replacements. The Trimble e-Builder integration ensures every material asset logged during the build phase can be seamlessly transferred to the Trimble Cityworks AMS platform. With Trimble Cityworks AMS, you track assets in the field and monitor their health, weighing everything from repair and replacement costs to critical failure predictions. And with ArcGIS Indoor Integration Model (AIIM), Trimble Cityworks AMS ensures that geographic asset management is possible even within a vertical constructed space. 

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Streamline Asset Management to Maintain Schedules

Materials management is an essential part of construction success. The cloud-based SaaS capabilities of the Trimble Cityworks platform ensures you can track the entire lifecycle of the materials you’re using in your project, from large pieces of equipment for construction to the individual components of the build. 

The power of Trimble Cityworks combines with Trimble e-Builder to create a comprehensive asset management program aligned with your budgetary parameters from inception to realization. Missing even one step in your project management can result in lost time and lost money. The Trimble's Cityworks and e-Builder integration allows you to build asset management into the very beginning of your project within a connected infrastructure system designed to build maintenance into your project from the beginning. 

The city of Celina, Texas has used the GIS powers of Trimble Cityworks to modernize their record keeping and help a rapidly growing suburb of Dallas to modernize track their current infrastructure and build modernization into their planning. 

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Build Maintenance Strategies Into Your Project

Anything from a utility pole to water main has a known lifespan. That lifespan can be affected by factors ranging from degree of use to weather exposure. Tracking the myriad details that can cause an asset to require maintenance or replacement is complex. With Trimble Cityworks, the assets logged with Trimble e-Builder are automatically migrated across the Trimble platform and integrated into Trimble Cityworks AMS. 

Their precise location management on Trimble Cityworks’ ArcGIS-enabled platform to the maintenance logs associated with their upkeep and the financial records critical to making informed decisions regarding repairs and replacements. This ensures that city infrastructure is maintained from the day it is installed to the day it is replaced with accuracy and accountability. With infrastructure a front-and-center issue for municipalities around the country, leveraging the organizational power of Trimble Cityworks enables you to make informed decisions during your project’s lifecycle.

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