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A Vertical Approach to Treatment Plant Maintenance

Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU), Indiana, partnered with POWER Engineers to implement a centralized vertical asset management system that took an enterprise GIS approach.

Through this implementation, a strategic asset management plan was created that not only helped streamline plant maintenance workflows but also helped support preventative and reactive maintenance goals.

For this Trimble Cityworks configuration, EWSU and POWER Engineers Inc. set up a relational database that contained two feature classes (sites and facilities) and created custom tables with standard fields to help organize asset data. An example of these tables—set up in Trimble Cityworks using Python—is shown below:

EWSU’s table format vertical assets inside a facility.

Highlighting an item in the table will pull up all assets associated with the selected facility. Asset-specific fields can also track certain data sets (e.g. voltage produced from electrical units). Additionally, data can be easily broken down into custom inspections and maintenance schedules that are assigned for completion on the required days.

EWSU’s implementation serves as an example for other utility organizations that are looking to start and/or streamline their plant maintenance through vertical asset management. 

View this presentation, given at Converge User Summit, for a more in-depth look at EWSU’s vertical asset management approach.