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6 ROI Indicators of Owner-Centric Project Management Information Systems

Cycle time reductions

A Project Management Information System (PMIS), with the support of the right team, improves staff productivity through intelligent workflows that automatically route, alert, store and account for edit/feedback/approval of just about anything that is a manual process now. This includes, reducing mundane data reinput, digitally capturing and exchanging data vs. paper based workflows, and quickly storing and retrieving project information from one central location. With project information being consistently and electronically managed in a central PMIS, hours and days are also saved on consolidating information for project status, cash flow reports and any audits you need to go through. These improvements can be measured by automatically tracking individual task times and the overall duration of key processes like payments, approvals, and changes orders through your project management information system (PMIS). Ultimately you will see an increase in the quantity of projects and construction dollars managed per staff member.