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4 Ways to Supercharge your Asset Management Reports

Deliver Data-Driven Insights to Meet Expectations and Performance Goals

In the era of big data, when agencies are using modern technologies to collect, store, and utilize greater amounts of information, it is more critical than ever to be able to interpret and present this data in concise, yet meaningful ways. Engineers, operations managers, asset managers, and other transportation stakeholders now expect to have data-driven insights, including performance measures and budget forecasts, at their fingertips. Decision-makers and legislators also expect quantitative evidence of the rationale for advocating agency-recommended infrastructure investments.

To meet these growing expectations and network performance goals, transportation asset managers need up-to-date reporting systems that can make analysis and reporting more efficient, compelling and actionable. Here are four ways to create more meaningful reports.

Customize Your Visualizations

Visualizations can help you identify key trends and make quicker decisions based on what you see. Create customizable visualizations that let you retrieve, sort, analyze, and graphically display meaningful data. This compelling data will make it much easier to translate statistical information into actions that your agency needs to take to meet its goals. It will especially come in handy when talking to key senior leaders, legislators, and non-technical stakeholders.

Conditions by Deck Area
Drill down into your data to get answers to stakeholders’ specific questions.

Balance High-Level and Drilled-Down Data

Over the years, you’ve collected a lot of raw data in your asset management system. But it’s not enough to just have the data available. You need to know how to interpret it so you can make more informed decisions to reach your objectives. High-level views of your data can help deliver quick reports that allow you to make data-driven decisions. Utilizing drill-down features is another great way to get the most out of your data. Dig deeper into your data to generate the detailed analysis necessary to answer your stakeholders’ questions.

Choose from Dozens of Chart Types

Everyone absorbs information in different ways. Having the flexibility to present complex data in multiple formats could be the key to making your business case. Create bar and line graphs, scatter plots, pie charts, and heatmaps to effectively showcase your data to decision-makers and key stakeholders.

Chart Type
Use a wide range of chart types to make your business case.

Build Custom Dashboards

Bring the most relevant data together in one place by combining reports into an interactive dashboard. Share the dashboard on a regular basis with the stakeholders who need to see performance metrics and trends as they occur. Use your dashboard to stay up-to-date and keep others current on key plans, projects, and outcomes.

Maintenance Manager™ Dashboard
Build customized dashboards to make it easy to understand high-level data

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For a more in-depth discussion, view our webinar, Supercharge Your Reporting with Visualizations. You can also find more about asset management reporting strategies and solutions at

About the Author

Tyler Pauley uses his expertise with advanced system configurations to support clients all across the globe. Prior to joining AgileAssets, he worked at the Ohio Department of Transportation.