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4 Water Workflows You Can Complete with Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks

From valve maintenance and inspections to hydrant repair and flushing (and much more), water utility field crews are responsible for a variety of critical and specialized work activities. Chances are, they also juggle several siloed technology solutions depending on the work activity assigned to them. Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks is a new solution that improves end-to-end services and optimizes asset management workflows for water utilities.

Trimble Unity Mobile for Trimble Cityworks is now available for all major mobile devices—Android, iOS, and Windows. The app works together with Trimble Cityworks AMS and Trimble Cityworks mobile apps to provide a plug-and-play solution with extended capabilities for water-specific workflows.

With this solution, inspections can be planned and dispatched from Trimble Cityworks AMS and completed in Trimble Unity Mobile. Then, status updates and data are pushed back to Trimble Cityworks and Esri ArcGIS for analysis and reporting. 

Here are a few examples of the specialized workflows we support.

Valve Exercising

Many utility organizations rely on dedicated teams to perform valve exercising on a seasonal schedule. On Windows devices, Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks integrates with E.H. Wachs for seamless data collection and condition analysis, while completing valve exercising workflows from start to finish. The data can then be easily synced back to Trimble Cityworks with the tap of a button, eliminating the need for manual imports and exports of data between siloed systems. 

The elimination of manual data entry and the ability to quickly create follow-up work activities can help your organization improve operational efficiencies by 30 to 40 percent.

Field Inspections & GIS Updates

Trimble Cityworks AMS, with the help of the new Admin app, allows users to configure conditional questions for capturing observations in the field. These link directly to workflows available in Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks. Users can also collect equipment and labor costs for their inspections. 

High accuracy Trimble GNSS receivers integrated with Trimble Unity mobile apps enables you to capture  accurate locations of assets being inspected, ensuring the GIS data and asset repository is kept up-to-date and accurate. By offering this functionality within one streamlined solution, you can empower your field crews to capture accurate asset location and details that can be used by the GIS team to update the GIS.

IoT Remote Monitoring

This solution can also be extended with Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring (RM) capabilities to support your organization’s System of Action™. Field crews can use Trimble Unity to install and manage Telog IoT devices in the field. Telog IoT devices send data back to your asset managers, allowing them to visualize real-time system performance and trends.

System Analysis

Once all of this data is in Trimble Cityworks and ArcGIS, you can start to do system analysis. The integrated solution is built on the common platform of Esri technology, enabling the use of web maps, Operations Dashboards for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Insights. You can also use Trimble Cityworks Operational Insights to calculate risk and visualize the results across your network.