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4 Bases You Need to Cover When Buying a PMIS

One thing I find interesting about baseball is when a batter hits a homerun, they must touch each base for the run to count. So, what does this have to do with purchasing a Project Management Information System (PMIS)? I am glad you asked.


Even though you are making a great decision and about to hit a home run for your organization we strongly suggest you know what bases you need to touch so the run counts.


1) Make sure you understand the impact, the benefit, and ultimately the return on investment of a PMIS. Many will consider the cost impact of a PMIS, but few consider the time impact. People will need to learn a new way of doing their work after your implementation.


2) A PMIS solution, if properly implemented, will have a far-ranging impact and benefit across your organization so make sure you define the benefits organizationally and not just within the capital program team.


3) If your capital program is spread across multiple locations don’t forget to consider the benefit standardization will bring.


4) And finally, make sure you prepare to manage expectations by having a clear definition of success!


Four points to my post and four bases in baseball. Don’t you love it when an analogy comes together!

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