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The Forced Evolution from Paper to Electronic Reviews and Approvals Panel Discussion

In this session our customers shared the positive impacts that remote work has had on traditionally paper-based processes, or events, that have historically necessitated a physical presence.

Has today’s circumstance forced a needed evolution? What are others doing to circumvent the challenges they are facing? Or better yet, how were they already set up to handle these new found realities?

Watch our live conversation held between with some of our key customers to learn how these issues are being addressed and to possibly brainstorm new ideas. They shared some of the tips and tricks they have learned by trial and error. For example:

- Moving from paper-based processes to electronic - Paying contractors quickly and efficiently

- Managing a bid submission or process remotely

- Prediction for what the future will look like


- City of Shawnee, Kansas – Matt Perll, Assistant Public Works Director

- Hensel Phelps – Jeremy Sibert, Director of Technology