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Automating Warehouse Workflows in St. George

The City of St. George, Utah, has found a unique way of integrating barcode scanners with Trimble Cityworks Storeroom and Radley Warehouse Management Software. This solution has provided a clear and streamlined workflow for managing inventory and scanning materials onto work orders.

“Trimble Cityworks APIs and the integration with their hardware works like magic,” says Bryan Dial, the GIS administrator for the St. George Energy Services Department (SGESD). Dial decided to use Trimble's Cityworks Storeroom and Radley Warehouse Management Software integration after attending the Innovate User Conference. His ultimate goal was to optimize inventory management and create a sleeker workflow.

Since the implementation of this integration, the City of St. George has seen a significant improvement in warehouse management. Inventory accuracy has increased and less time is devoted to fixing errors or arduously entering in data manually. The adoption of barcode scanners has boosted productivity and ultimately increased cost savings.

The Trimble Cityworks Storeroom and Radley integration is a great option for making sure that inventory data is accurate and organized, especially when it comes to barcode scanning. The two systems work in tandem with each other to help automate warehouse data collection and track inventory.