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7 Trimble Cityworks Tools for Managing Infrastructure

Tackling infrastructure projects and ensuring future resilience is no small task.

Public works projects are often laden with data, logistics, equipment, and supply inventory, and so forth, making it difficult to keep track of all the moving parts. Adopting a digital GIS-centric asset management system—or more efficiently utilizing an existing system—can aid you in gaining a clearer picture of your public assets, assessing their current condition, and maximizing their future efficiency and sustainability.

The Trimble Cityworks platform focuses on providing utility and local governments with tools and solutions to make infrastructure management, permitting, and community development easier and more effective. Trimble Cityworks, along with Esri ArcGIS, empowers communities to streamline the care of their public infrastructure and manage assets and their associated data, maintenance activities, capital improvement projects, and business processes.

Whether you are planning for infrastructure upgrades, executing an infrastructure project, or maintaining new and existing public assets—Trimble Cityworks has a connected platform of operations software solutions to help you make the most of your budget and deliver the greatest service to your community. Here are some of the tools that can streamline your community’s infrastructure management:

Trimble Cityworks AMS

Trimble Cityworks AMS allows you to make informed decisions when managing public assets and infrastructure projects by utilizing GIS-intelligence, dashboards, analytics, and maps to visualize asset data—helping you maintain your community’s infrastructure and its associated data, work activities, and business processes. Trimble Cityworks AMS is designed to assist in identifying which of your assets are most at risk, which enables you to prioritize work and invest time and resources in the right assets.

Trimble Cityworks PLL

Keeping track of permitting, licensing, and land approvals for infrastructure projects can be arduous and overcomplicated, especially if your organization’s permitting process is done through physical paperwork. Trimble Cityworks PLL eliminates the need for paperwork and makes permitting, licensing, and land management workflows easier to manage and fosters public engagement and community involvement. It is designed to simplify the application, permitting, and licensing process—as well as inspections, code enforcement, compliance, enforcement, and streamlines workflows and communication with staff and citizens.


Large-scale infrastructure projects are often brimming with data, logistics, and communication silos—making them feel impossible to organize and manage. OpX offers a solution to this problem by organizing all of your project and asset data into a single place, allowing you to manage your infrastructure throughout its entire lifecycle—beginning with construction permitting activities all the way to asset lifecycle operations and continued maintenance. You can easily view asset details, work maintenance activities, time and cost tracking, budget planning, understand asset performance, manage contracts, inventory management, and much more in a true GIS-centric approach.

Operational Insights

Operational Insights helps organizations identify and assess high-risk assets and establish maintenance strategies to increase their lifespan. This app delves into asset management through the framework of defining risk and tracking maintenance procedures. These risk and maintenance scores are calculated using Esri’s ArcGIS, maintenance data, and expected useful life defined by the user. Potential assets of concern can be identified on the dashboard or map, and work orders can be created using map tools. Operational Insights integrates with ArcGIS Insights, allowing for seamless creation of compiled analysis and data visualizations.


Planning and executing infrastructure projects can bog supervisors down, making the management of work activities difficult. Workload addresses the challenges associated with prioritizing work across field crews, reviewing, assigning, and modifying work activities. With a simple and powerful interface, Trimble Cityworks’ Workload simplifies work management and gives you a better sense of what has been done and more responsive to what needs to be done. You can use the power of GIS to visually organize and track work activities, including permitting, inspections, licensing, project details and much more.

Mobile App

Infrastructure conditions and project statuses are always changing and evolving. The Mobile app helps field and office teams move from siloed communication to one connected platform. Field crews have easy access to updatable project maintenance data, work orders, service requests, GIS, cases, and inspections—right in the palm of their hands. The mobile app conveniently caches data locally on the device and allows for seamless access to ArcGIS—enabling crews to obtain data-driven insights no matter the network connectivity situation. In addition to that, mobile app enables seamless app-linking to ArcGIS Field Maps for field editing of infrastructure data in alignment with Esri best practices.


Infrastructure projects and asset management activities are chock-full of various transactions, supply chain logistics, material orders, and inventory and material management. Storeroom provides a place to track your infrastructure materials, understand your costs, and make educated evaluations of inventory. Storeroom comes equipped with dashboards that provide a succinct overview of your materials, displaying information such as material type, where inventory came from, which items are on backorder, and more.

Focusing On The Future

Working day in and day out with infrastructure, you are well aware of how important it is to ensure that new and existing public assets are managed and maintained throughout their entire lifecycle. A future-focused outlook on your public assets can help ensure that they are safe, sustainable, efficient, and foster equity in your community for years to come.

Trimble Cityworks helps in this process by organizing, managing, and maintaining infrastructure throughout its entire lifecycle. Ongoing use of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a sure way of empowering asset resilience for the future.