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3 Solutions for Fostering Environmentally Friendly Communities

Without a healthy environment, our communities and the basic infrastructure within them would cease to function.

The work done by utility organizations, local governments, and infrastructure owners is critically important. Day in and day out, they work to ensure that the communities in which we live are environmentally sustainable and foster health and resilience. The Trimble Cityworks platform—along with Trimble and Esri solutions—are helping communities become safer, more connected, and environmentally conscious by providing solutions like vegetation management, natural disaster response, water quality sampling, and more.

Here are just a few ways Trimble Cityworks and Esri are helping communities take care of the environment around them:

1.) Trimble Vegetation Manager: Minimize Fire Risk and Service Disruptions

Vegetation Management is an essential part of ensuring that communities are safe and that vast areas of electric transmission and distribution infrastructure networks are protected. Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) is one of the largest recurring maintenance expenses for utilities—and for a good reason. Unmanaged vegetation can lead to a higher risk of wildfires and power outages and pose safety risks to communities.

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2.) Trimble Cityworks + Esri = Response & Resilience

Whether it is a natural disaster or a pandemic, utilities and local governments have the ability to plan for and respond to emergencies more effectively and efficiently by using GIS intelligence. Trimble Cityworks and Esri provide a handful of solutions that allow communities to streamline their emergency preparation and response so that they can ensure the safety of their communities and foster future resilience.

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3.) 5 Ways Tualatin Valley Water District Streamlined their Water Quality Sampling with Trimble Cityworks

The Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) has been tasked with collecting water quality samples at approximately 170 different locations. Before implementing Trimble Cityworks, water quality collections, lab submissions, and chain of custody workflows were inefficient and overly complicated. TVWD now has a system in place that helps the district ensure that the water in their community is clean and safe for its residents.

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